26 percent of solutions architects say securing senior buy-in is their biggest challenge

How to write a business case that will give your project the resourcing it needs

At a time when efficiency has never been more important in an over-crowded and competitive legal marketplace, solutions architects need to drive process automation in the most effective way. If not, senior management, and the law firm as a whole, will miss out on business-critical technologies that can help them thrive in the most challenging of conditions.

Our latest eGuide provides a five-point plan for a project proposal that will make senior management sit up and take notice, with advice on:

  • How to write a benefit-led business case for process automation
  • How to address key concerns around efficiency and compliance prominently
  • How to produce evidence-based projections supported by the right metrics.

Give senior management a clear understanding of the business-critical benefits of streamlined processes.

Read our top tips for getting senior management buy-in for workflow automation by downloading: Solution architect's guide: Winning senior management support for your process automation project


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