Automate your invoice processing with K2 workflow


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Wednesday, 5 February 2014         10:00am to 10:30am (GMT)

A few simple questions that could highlight this as a priority area to target are:
  • Are all invoices stored in a single secure platform such as SharePoint with document and record management capabilities?
  • Are you looking to drive the value and use of SharePoint as well as the benefits of collaboration and invoice approval processes in your business?
  • Would you consider deploying a cost effective and easy to maintain invoice processing solution with the involvement of management and end-users?
  • Are you aiming to achieve a balance between Microsoft tools and custom development to leverage re-use and only authorise bespoke development where truly necessary?

Please join us on this webinar, where we will be discussing benefits and options available, as well as demonstrating automation scenarios for invoice processing.

This webinar will demonstrate how invoice processing automation is an area where you can achieve quick wins while at the same time leverage existing Microsoft technologies.

Your invoice approval process may still be largely email or even reliant on internal mail delivery using approval cover sheets.

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